Facebook chat emoticons/smileys

Want to know how to make more emoticons and smileys in Facebook chat?  Here’s a list:

(^^^) Shark
<(“) Penguin
:|] Robot
:v Pacman
<3 Heart
:-* Kiss
O:) Angel
3:) Devil
:/ Duhhhhh
-_- Dork
O.o W00t
:p Tongue
8-| Cool shades
8) Glasses
:o Shocked
:'( Crying
:( Sad
>:o Laughing eyes
^_^ Happy eyes
;-) Wink
:D Big smile
:) Happy
:putnam: Putman

Try them out and have fun!

Live Messenger – How to stop and remove those annoying adverts!

Do you, like me, get annoyed with the adverts that come up on Live Messenger?  I mean come on! All I did was move the mouse over that area accidentally and suddenly I have a bigger version of the advert getting in the way of what I wanted to do!

There are several solutions to remove or stop the ads from Live Messenger, some of which include downloading and installing new software (add ons for Messenger) but I’m just going to mention one.  It involves editing a file called hosts and adding one line into the file, saving and restarting the PC.

First of all here is the location of the file you need to edit:


(Your PC might be slightly different but I doubt it)

The name of the file is called ‘hosts’ and it doesn’t have a file extension (such as .txt for text files)

On Windows 7 and I think Windows Vista, you will first of all need to give the user you are logged on as the permission to have Full Control of that file.  The best way of doing that is to go to the start menu, find ‘Notepad’, then instead of clicking notepad in the normal way to run the program, do a RIGHT-click and then choose Run as Administrator.  You can then find the hosts file within the Notepad program and you will be running it as Administrator.

Open the file using Windows Notepad and add the following line to the file after all the other stuff in there (don’t delete anything else).        rad.msn.com

Save the file and Exit.  If at this point you get a Save as box come up, then you haven’t dealt with the permissions thing I mentioned above.

Restart the PC and sign in to Messenger and hey presto! No more annoying adverts!

If you need to know: What is happening is that we are telling Messenger to look for the adverts at the IP address of which happens to be your PC!  Of course, it won’t be able to find the adverts at that IP address and therefore won’t display them! Simple!

Don’t come running to me if you break something! It’s a simple change to an important file. If you delete, rename or do something else stupid – then that’s your fault ;-) Of course, just ask me and I will help you do this tweak :-)

The most common passwords

Is this you?

  • 123456
  • 12345
  • 123456789
  • Password
  • iloveyou
  • princess
  • rockyou
  • 1234567
  • 12345678
  • abc123

Do you use one of the above or similar?  Probably not a good idea you know!  Neither is using a combination of your name or children’s name.  Don’t use names of vegetables either!  In fact try not to use any word that can be found in a dictionary!
Here’s a way you can come up with a memorable password.  Memorable to you that is!
Combine parts of two or more words or names and then chuck in a number or two to replace letters.  Here’s an example:
Let’s pretend I used to have a pet called Rover.  Let’s also say I used to live in a house that had the name Primrose Cottage.  Remembering that I could use numbers to replace some letters, I could come up with a password like this:
That’s a lower case ‘R’ followed by a zero ‘0’ and also a number ‘1’ to replace the ‘i’ of prim.
Ok this might be a little complicated but I think you get the idea?


Affordable web hosting for Plymouth businesses – £49!

Read on for the details:

£49 per year gets you the following:

  • Hosting for one year
  • Domain registration for one year
  • Unlimited email address for your domain
  • Unlimited web space for your website
  • Unlimited bandwidth for your website
  • Unlimited email support
  • Personal control panel

That’s all you need to know, but if you want the details, here they are:

Hosting is best described as a place to store your website. Somewhere for all the files to sit. Obviously, its more complicated than that because the hosting has to do some technical stuff to enable potential website visitors to view your web pages.

You need a domain name. This is a unique web address whereby visitors can reach your website. For instance the domain name for this site is jonathanburrows.co.uk. This costs money (usually on a yearly basis) to own the name. This is included in the £49 hosting offer.

We include at no additional charge the ability for you to have as many email addresses on your domain. You can set this up in your personal control panel (see below).

This means that you can store as many files on your site as you wish (as long as they are relating to your site). There is also no limit on file sizes or what the total size in megabytes of your site is.

Some hosters will cut your site off if you reach a data download limit (say 2Gb per month). We don’t do that. This means that your site will not restrict your business as it grows. One visitor a month or ten thousand, it doesn’t matter.

If you have a question or problem relating to your site or your domain, then email us and we’ll get back to you with the answer.

Here you can configure email addresses (adding and editing); Set up FTP access (the way you upload your website to the hosting space) and other features. In other words, you don’t have to wait for us to add that additional email address for you! You can do it yourself!

“How can I make this work?”

Positive questions
In those six words is the crux, the foundation if you like of having a happy and fulfilled life.


Think about the alternative or opposite of that question:

Negative statement
“I can’t make this work!”

That sentence is a statement of fact which when said is final and plants a seed of belief about what we voiced aloud.

‘I can’t make this work’ says that you have come across a problem in your life and you can’t see a way around it and that you have made a decision that the problem cannot be solved. In most cases, it is then hard to drag yourself back to asking the first question “How can I make this work?” and we therefore fail.

I’m human just like the rest of you and I often stumble at the negative statement above rather than the positive (future) thinking question in the title. However, if we more and more start to change the way we consider problems by asking the question rather than giving up, then amazingly things don’t seem so bad!

It’s hard I know, and sometimes the answer is in the friends you choose to listen to rather than a super human effort by yourself. Choosing to listen to positive friends is also hard as most will sympathise with our problem but wont try and turn us away from the negative statement rather than thinking about the positive question.

You know, it helps if you start talking to others with the positive question. It’s easier to think of their problem in a positive quesiton-like way because you are detached from their problem. If you can do this, then you are on the way to solving your own problems positively.

What to do then?
Force yourself to ask the positive question. Do it! Struggle through the molass of slow moving problems and life issues; look outside of your life for a moment and try and see it from someone else’s viewpoint, from someone else who might think in a positive question point of view.

By asking the positive question you force your brain to look for answers! Keep asking that question and your brain will struggle and fight to give you the answer!

Something that helps
This has helped me a lot:

Acceptance + Future Thinking = Happiness

Accept where you are right now, accept the fact that you have problems or life isn’t quite how you want it (not enough money, problems at home, job stress and so on)

Future Thinking (or Purpose)
If you are accepting of your situation, you can then think with the positive question “How can I make this work?”.   Future thinking is about careful consideration of a problem or issue and wondering how you can make it work. If you are not accepting of the situation, then your future thinking powers will be diminished, so the two need to go together.

Future Thinking can simply be about moving forward one small step at a time. Feeling down? Guilty? Feeling like a failure? What’s the answer? Moving forward, just a little bit!  One small step at a time can be all it takes to be a Future Thinker!

If you are truly accepting and have a future thinking approach, then you will find a deep seated contentment (happiness) inside your being.

One more thing
Don’t think that the above means that you are ok with your life as it is. Part of future thinking is all about overcoming problems yes, but it is also about improving your life and of those close to you. If that means, earning more money so that you can take your family on a holiday or to upgrade your old banger of a car to a newer one – then that’s future thinking.

There is so much more I can say, but I won’t! Think about it!