ASCII characters (emoticons and smileys like heart) using your PC keyboard ALT key [TECH]

I thought I’d create my own page for these codes as I’m always having to search for the right page.  These little ALT codes are often used inside text forms on websites such as Facebook and Twitter (where people set their status’).  The most used ones seem to be emoticons (or smileys) such the heart ♥ and the smiley face ☺ and useful to perhaps web designers like using the copyright symbol ©

How to do it!

You need a full sized keyboard where you have the numeric keypad area (the part with numbers). These codes do not work with the numbers above the main QWERTY keys.

Now to make it work! Simply press and hold the ALT key on your keyboard (the ALT key at the left of the space bar (does not work with the ALT GR key to the right of the space bar) and then type the code of the key you want, then release the ALT key.

The full list is below but here are what I think are the most used ones ☺

Most used ALT key emoticons/smileys and ASCII codes

ALT+1 ☺
ALT+2 ☻
ALT+3 ♥
ALT+4 ♦
ALT+5 ♣
ALT+6 ��
ALT+14 ♫
ALT+15 ☼
ALT+174 «
ALT+175 »
ALT+251 √
ALT+0169 ©
ALT+0174 ®

The full list

ALT+1 ☺
ALT+2 ☻
ALT+3 ♥
ALT+4 ♦
ALT+5 ♣
ALT+6 ♠
ALT+11 ♂
ALT+12 ♀
ALT+13 ♪
ALT+14 ♫
ALT+15 ☼
ALT+16 ►
ALT+17 ◄
ALT+18 ↕
ALT+19 ‼
ALT+20 ¶
ALT+21 §
ALT+22 ▬
ALT+23 ↨
ALT+24 ↑
ALT+25 ↓
ALT+26 →
ALT+27 ←
ALT+28 ∟
ALT+29 ↔
ALT+30 ▲
ALT+31 ▼
ALT+33 !
ALT+34 “
ALT+35 #
ALT+36 $
ALT+37 %
ALT+38 &
ALT+39 ‘
ALT+40 (
ALT+41 )
ALT+42 *
ALT+43 +
ALT+44 ,
ALT+45 –
ALT+46 .
ALT+47 /
ALT+48 0
ALT+49 1
ALT+50 2
ALT+51 3
ALT+52 4
ALT+53 5
ALT+54 6
ALT+55 7
ALT+56 8
ALT+57 9
ALT+58 :
ALT+59 ;
ALT+60 <
ALT+61 =
ALT+62 >
ALT+63 ?
ALT+64 @
ALT+65 A
ALT+66 B
ALT+67 C
ALT+68 D
ALT+69 E
ALT+70 F
ALT+71 G
ALT+72 H
ALT+73 I
ALT+74 J
ALT+75 K
ALT+76 L
ALT+77 M
ALT+78 N
ALT+79 O
ALT+80 P
ALT+81 Q
ALT+82 R
ALT+83 S
ALT+84 T
ALT+85 U
ALT+86 V
ALT+87 W
ALT+88 X
ALT+89 Y
ALT+90 Z
ALT+91 [
ALT+92 \
ALT+93 ]
ALT+94 ^
ALT+95 _
ALT+96 `
ALT+97 a
ALT+98 b
ALT+99 c
ALT+100 d
ALT+101 e
ALT+102 f
ALT+103 g
ALT+104 h
ALT+105 i
ALT+106 j
ALT+107 k
ALT+108 l
ALT+109 m
ALT+110 n
ALT+111 o
ALT+112 p
ALT+113 q
ALT+114 r
ALT+115 s
ALT+116 t
ALT+117 u
ALT+118 v
ALT+119 w
ALT+120 x
ALT+121 y
ALT+122 z
ALT+123 {
ALT+124 |
ALT+125 }
ALT+126 ~
ALT+127 ⌂
ALT+128 Ç
ALT+129 ü
ALT+130 é
ALT+131 â
ALT+132 ä
ALT+133 à
ALT+134 å
ALT+135 ç
ALT+136 ê
ALT+137 ë
ALT+138 è
ALT+139 ï
ALT+140 î
ALT+141 ì
ALT+142 Ä
ALT+143 Å
ALT+144 É
ALT+145 æ
ALT+146 Æ
ALT+147 ô
ALT+148 ö
ALT+149 ò
ALT+150 û
ALT+151 ù
ALT+152 ÿ
ALT+153 Ö
ALT+154 Ü
ALT+155 ¢
ALT+156 £
ALT+157 ¥
ALT+158 ₧
ALT+159 ƒ
ALT+160 á
ALT+161 í
ALT+162 ó
ALT+163 ú
ALT+164 ñ
ALT+165 Ñ
ALT+166 ª
ALT+167 º
ALT+168 ¿
ALT+169 ⌐
ALT+170 ¬
ALT+171 ½
ALT+172 ¼
ALT+173 ¡
ALT+174 «
ALT+175 »
ALT+176 ░
ALT+177 ▒
ALT+178 ▓
ALT+179 │
ALT+180 ┤
ALT+181 ╡
ALT+182 ╢
ALT+183 ╖
ALT+184 ╕
ALT+185 ╣
ALT+186 ║
ALT+187 ╗
ALT+188 ╝
ALT+189 ╜
ALT+190 ╛
ALT+191 ┐
ALT+192 └
ALT+193 ┴
ALT+194 ┬
ALT+195 ├
ALT+196 ─
ALT+197 ┼
ALT+198 ╞
ALT+199 ╟
ALT+200 ╚
ALT+201 ╔
ALT+202 ╩
ALT+203 ╦
ALT+204 ╠
ALT+205 ═
ALT+206 ╬
ALT+207 ╧
ALT+208 ╨
ALT+209 ╤
ALT+210 ╥
ALT+211 ╙
ALT+212 ╘
ALT+213 ╒
ALT+214 ╓
ALT+215 ╫
ALT+216 ╪
ALT+217 ┘
ALT+218 ┌
ALT+219 █
ALT+220 ▄
ALT+221 ▌
ALT+222 ▐
ALT+223 ▀
ALT+224 α
ALT+225 ß
ALT+226 Γ
ALT+227 π
ALT+228 Σ
ALT+229 σ
ALT+230 µ
ALT+231 τ
ALT+232 Φ
ALT+233 Θ
ALT+234 Ω
ALT+235 δ
ALT+236 ∞
ALT+237 φ
ALT+238 ε
ALT+239 ∩
ALT+240 ≡
ALT+241 ±
ALT+242 ≥
ALT+243 ≤
ALT+244 ⌠
ALT+245 ⌡
ALT+246 ÷
ALT+247 ≈
ALT+248 °
ALT+249 ∙
ALT+250 ·
ALT+251 √
ALT+252 ⁿ
ALT+253 ²
ALT+254 ■
ALT+033 !
ALT+034 “
ALT+035 #
ALT+036 $
ALT+037 %
ALT+038 &
ALT+039 ‘
ALT+040 (
ALT+041 )
ALT+042 *
ALT+043 +
ALT+044 ,
ALT+045 –
ALT+046 .
ALT+047 /
ALT+048 0
ALT+049 1
ALT+050 2
ALT+051 3
ALT+052 4
ALT+053 5
ALT+054 6
ALT+055 7
ALT+056 8
ALT+057 9
ALT+058 :
ALT+059 ;
ALT+060 <
ALT+061 =
ALT+062 >
ALT+063 ?
ALT+064 @
ALT+065 A
ALT+066 B
ALT+067 C
ALT+068 D
ALT+069 E
ALT+070 F
ALT+071 G
ALT+072 H
ALT+073 I
ALT+074 J
ALT+075 K
ALT+076 L
ALT+077 M
ALT+078 N
ALT+079 O
ALT+080 P
ALT+081 Q
ALT+082 R
ALT+083 S
ALT+084 T
ALT+085 U
ALT+086 V
ALT+087 W
ALT+088 X
ALT+089 Y
ALT+090 Z
ALT+091 [
ALT+092 \
ALT+093 ]
ALT+094 ^
ALT+095 _
ALT+096 `
ALT+097 a
ALT+098 b
ALT+099 c
ALT+0100 d
ALT+0101 e
ALT+0102 f
ALT+0103 g
ALT+0104 h
ALT+0105 i
ALT+0106 j
ALT+0107 k
ALT+0108 l
ALT+0109 m
ALT+0110 n
ALT+0111 o
ALT+0112 p
ALT+0113 q
ALT+0114 r
ALT+0115 s
ALT+0116 t
ALT+0117 u
ALT+0118 v
ALT+0119 w
ALT+0120 x
ALT+0121 y
ALT+0122 z
ALT+0123 {
ALT+0124 |
ALT+0125 }
ALT+0126 ~
ALT+0128 €
ALT+0129 
ALT+0130 ‚
ALT+0131 ƒ
ALT+0132 „
ALT+0133 …
ALT+0134 †
ALT+0135 ‡
ALT+0136 ˆ
ALT+0137 ‰
ALT+0138 Š
ALT+0139 ‹
ALT+0140 Œ
ALT+0141 
ALT+0142 Ž
ALT+0143 
ALT+0144 
ALT+0145 ‘
ALT+0146 ‘
ALT+0147 “
ALT+0148 “
ALT+0149 •
ALT+0150 –
ALT+0151 —
ALT+0152 ˜
ALT+0153 ™
ALT+0154 š
ALT+0155 ›
ALT+0156 œ
ALT+0157 
ALT+0158 ž
ALT+0159 Ÿ
ALT+0161 ¡
ALT+0162 ¢
ALT+0163 £
ALT+0164 ¤
ALT+0165 ¥
ALT+0166 ¦
ALT+0167 §
ALT+0168 ¨
ALT+0169 ©
ALT+0170 ª
ALT+0171 «
ALT+0172 ¬
ALT+0174 ®
ALT+0175 ¯
ALT+0176 °
ALT+0177 ±
ALT+0178 ²
ALT+0179 ³
ALT+0180 ´
ALT+0181 µ
ALT+0182 ¶
ALT+0183 ·
ALT+0184 ¸
ALT+0185 ¹
ALT+0186 º
ALT+0187 »
ALT+0188 ¼
ALT+0189 ½
ALT+0190 ¾
ALT+0191 ¿
ALT+0192 À
ALT+0193 Á
ALT+0194 Â
ALT+0195 Ã
ALT+0196 Ä
ALT+0197 Å
ALT+0198 Æ
ALT+0199 Ç
ALT+0200 È
ALT+0201 É
ALT+0202 Ê
ALT+0203 Ë
ALT+0204 Ì
ALT+0205 Í
ALT+0206 Î
ALT+0207 Ï
ALT+0208 Ð
ALT+0209 Ñ
ALT+0210 Ò
ALT+0211 Ó
ALT+0212 Ô
ALT+0213 Õ
ALT+0214 Ö
ALT+0215 ×
ALT+0216 Ø
ALT+0217 Ù
ALT+0218 Ú
ALT+0219 Û
ALT+0220 Ü
ALT+0221 Ý
ALT+0222 Þ
ALT+0223 ß
ALT+0224 à
ALT+0225 á
ALT+0226 â
ALT+0227 ã
ALT+0228 ä
ALT+0229 å
ALT+0230 æ
ALT+0231 ç
ALT+0232 è
ALT+0233 é
ALT+0234 ê
ALT+0235 ë
ALT+0236 ì
ALT+0237 í
ALT+0238 î
ALT+0239 ï
ALT+0240 ð
ALT+0241 ñ
ALT+0242 ò
ALT+0243 ó
ALT+0244 ô
ALT+0245 õ
ALT+0246 ö
ALT+0247 ÷
ALT+0248 ø
ALT+0249 ù
ALT+0250 ú
ALT+0251 û
ALT+0252 ü
ALT+0253 ý
ALT+0254 þ
ALT+0255 ÿ

.:: Welcome to Tweetminster – the place where real life and politics tweet. :. [POLITICS]

.:: Welcome to Tweetminster – the place where real life and politics tweet. :..

Tweetminster is a site that enables the visitor to analyse tweets on politics. Sounds boring I know!  However, I have found it to be interesting. Why?

It seems to be possible to make predictions on the outcome of certain events.  For instance predicting the revenue of box office films as reported in this BBC article:

The same (they say) may be possible for the upcoming UK election in May.  Take a look at the Tweetminster Predicts section at the top of the Tweetminster page.  There is even a realtime sentiment tracker!

I did notice something though – that the conservatives in Plymouth do not use Twitter!  Or if they do, then it is hard to find their Twitter pages! How short-sighted is that? If having an online presence is important, then labour and the liberal democrats seem to be ahead of the game.

I’m certainly fascinated with statistics and very intrigued as to whether a site like Tweetminster can accurately predict the outcome of the election based on Tweets!

I’ll be watching it closely :-)


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