How to use fonts other than the usual web safe fonts in a web page [WEB DEVELOPMENT]

Here is an example page I made

In the example I chose a font called Inconsolata and it is was one 18 fonts that Google has chosen to include in it’s Web Font API.  Normally, web developers have to use fonts such as Arial, Verdana, Times New Roman or Georgia to be sure of displaying the web page the same as the developer sees.  The trouble is using those web safe fonts aren’t very exciting anymore!

By simply copying one line of code into the <head> of the html documents and then applying the style, hey presto your page now shows text in the font you chose.

You can find out how it’s done at the Google Web Font Directory

Catch you later!


Federated Search [TECH]

Federated Search

I love this! Windows 7 (Ultimate or Enterprise) has a feature called Federated Search (wikipedia link).  It’s awesome, read on for more!

What does it do?

You know the Windows 7 search tool within a Windows explorer window? (see screenshot below).  Well, Federated Search allows you to search for pretty much anything, anywhere (on the Internet that is).  So, that simple search box which you may have used to search for files on your computer can now be used to find Youtube videos, Microsoft Technet articles, Torrent files and much much more.  The results are displayed in the window just like any other search result on your computer.  You can double click them to open, copy and save any of the results (actually shortcuts to the original location) to locations on your computer for later use and so on!  (How about saving them to your Dropbox folder so they are there when you get to one of your other PC’s?


Notice on the left I have a few extra folders on the left? Youtube and Microsoft TechNet for instance?  Top right shows I have search for the word ‘runes of magic’ (it’s game ok?) and the results from the Youtube site are displayed below all from my Windows desktop!

If you’d like to know how it works – message me!

Jonathan out