Laughter is a medicine

Reader’s Digest

If you are old enough, you may remember Reader’s Digest. In fact, silly me, it’s still published today, but I remember the magazine as a kid way back in 70’s and 80’s er 60’s and 70’s. One of the sections I used to read (I didn’t understand the rest!) was “Laughter is a medicine” and that phrase has stuck with me for several decades now. Of course, I didn’t really understand what the phrase meant, I just thought it sounded good.

Now of course, you will find many websites and magazine writers (who are experts in health) tell you that indeed laughter is good for your health! Apparently, laughter is a pain killer, a relaxant, a stress reliever, releases endorphins which make you happy, boosts immunity, protects the heart, makes us more attractive(!) and much more. Got to be worth a try then! I personally like the ‘makes us more attractive’ benefit….

Self improvement and laughter

Setting aside the proclaimed health benefits for a moment, how does laughter (and smiling maybe) help ones ‘self’. How can it positively affect our self improvement? Apparently laughter relieves stress and I believe it! So less stress and more happiness equals self improvement.

What to do about stress

At times my job is stressful and I find myself getting a little morose, down or generally fed up with the way things are going. The answer I think is to have a jolly good belly laugh! Watch a comedian like Stewart Francis on Youtube or go to see a live comedian near you. Maybe just deliberately joke about with a friend? In fact, why not laugh out loud for no reason at all?

Go on, be daft and (try not to feel embarrassed) laugh out loud right now!

Search Engine Optimisation

Getting your site or page high in the search engine results is of course very important. However, there is a balance to be had when creating pages and writing content. I’m pretty sure you have seen some websites that seem to be written for the search engine in mind. Google (other search engines are available!) suggests that you write your pages for the consumer (the website visitor) and this is generally how I make my websites and my customers’ websites too.

So, this category is all about posts I’ve made that hopefully provide some information about the topic (such as images of Rocky Mountain National Park or student accommodation in Plymouth) but also about enabling better search engine results positioning.

An introduction to this site

No apologies!

I make no apologies for the diversity of the content on this site (and no apologies for the shocking picture here either!). It’s what makes me me. In fact, I wouldn’t mind betting that you are just the same. It’s what makes us human.

I need to update the About Jonathan Burrows page, but here is a very brief summary of what you will find on this site.

Future Thinking

Most of my blogging is to do with something I call ‘Future Thinking‘. Read some of the posts in the Future Thinking category to find out more. Future Thinking is about having the right attitude to life’s journey. It’s not ‘positive thinking’ in the strictest sense of the word, but something more.

IT & Web

I’ve been involved in IT and Web stuff for a number of years and I build websites and do search engine optimisation for small businesses around the world.

Property Management

Yes, I know it’s different to the other stuff I do! It’s called diversification! I manage student rooms in Plymouth either jointly with landlords (such as Bryce Properties) or on my own as a full management package.  It keeps me busy so you will see some posts on this site about that.

That’s it. Feel free to contact me about anything. Almost!