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New domain name extensions 2014

Reasons to buy a domain name with one of these extensions:

1. To stop a competitor or someone else with dubious intent buying the domain and setting up a website on it which shows your company or website in a bad light
2. You want to have a more specific angle on part or all of your business. For instance, Your company might be involved in the music and media industry and you fancy setting up a couple of websites, one with and another with or perhaps another with even
3. When it’s available you might want a domain just for emails. So for instance:

I’ll leave that with you to think about! If you are interested in a domain, then let me know.

Currently available from now are


Available from 19th February 2014


The complete list some not available until later this year


Yes, it’s a long list! Email for more information

Erik Stensland recommendation of Jonathan Burrows (on LinkedIn)

I was very pleased to receive the following recommendation on LinkedIn by Erik Stensland. In fact, at first, I didn’t think it was me that Erik was writing about!

“I’ve known Jonathan for over 20 years and he continues to amaze me with his ability to link disparate ideas to find creative solutions. He’s someone who seems to thrive on solving puzzles. I’ve had him help me with several web related problems and he always comes up with terrific solutions. The range of his technical skills is really impressive. Most of the folks I’ve worked with in the software industry are specialists in just one area while Jonathan seems to cover an incredibly wide range of technical fields. I’m fairly competent having established numerous networks and projects, but when I’m in a bind, he’s the guy I call. Extremely competent and creative. I don’t think I know anyone else who even comes close to his amazing set of computer skills” – Erik Stensland, Owner of Morning Light Photography


An introduction to this site

No apologies!

I make no apologies for the diversity of the content on this site (and no apologies for the shocking picture here either!). It’s what makes me me. In fact, I wouldn’t mind betting that you are just the same. It’s what makes us human.

I need to update the About Jonathan Burrows page, but here is a very brief summary of what you will find on this site.

Future Thinking

Most of my blogging is to do with something I call ‘Future Thinking‘. Read some of the posts in the Future Thinking category to find out more. Future Thinking is about having the right attitude to life’s journey. It’s not ‘positive thinking’ in the strictest sense of the word, but something more.

IT & Web

I’ve been involved in IT and Web stuff for a number of years and I build websites and do search engine optimisation for small businesses around the world.

Property Management

Yes, I know it’s different to the other stuff I do! It’s called diversification! I manage student rooms in Plymouth either jointly with landlords (such as Bryce Properties) or on my own as a full management package.  It keeps me busy so you will see some posts on this site about that.

That’s it. Feel free to contact me about anything. Almost!

Against The Riots (@againsttheriots on Twitter)

Against The Riots

I made a Twitter page called @againsttheriots to enable people to:

  • Communicate information on how to avoid getting caught in the riots
  • To communicate Black Spots – to help law abiding citizens keep safe
  • To help the police and authorities capture the criminals perpetrating the looting and wanton distruction
On Twitter use #againsttheriots in your Tweet to help put the word out.  Also put in your tweet #placename i.e. #hackney to help people work out where you are talking about
To search for news type in the search box #againsttheriots to find news.
I hope this helps.

Appleby Westward (SPAR) Group Limited – New Website 2011

South West UK Retail Distribution Centre for SPAR UK

About the project

My latest project just finished is the Appleby Westward Group’s website.  My role within the company is I.T. Systems Analyst/Web Design Analyst and as such it was my responsibility to redesign the company website.

  • The site concept designs were created using Adobe Fireworks CS5.
  • The pages are coded in PHP with a MySQL database back end.
  • The design was implemented using CSS (Cascading Style Sheets).
  • There is a members area only accessible to SPAR retailers and Appleby Westward staff
  • The site is designed to work in Internet Explorer 7 and above; Firefox 1.5 and above; Opera, Safari and of course my preferred browser right now: Google Chrome
  • Hand coded for speed using Notepad++.  I didn’t use programs like Dreamweaver as these sorts of programs often bloat the code unnecessarily.

Many thanks goes to Kris Riggs for her input.  Kris’ design skills and thoughts were very much appreciated!

About Appleby Westward Group Limited

Appleby Westward are the SPAR Retail Distribution Centre for SPAR UK.

“We have a long-established local distribution service currently meeting the needs of a large number of great stores from Chichester in the East, Land’s End in the West and Salisbury in the North. We have a strong service culture with strict 24 hour order lead times.”


Hope you like the site :-)