Something more…

If you have made a decision to achieve a certain thing, something more is required to be successful* in your chosen endeavour.

The Universe requires, no, demands something more.

What does it demand?

I don’t know what it demands from you. In fact, I constantly wonder what it demands from me!

The point is that achieving your goal, be it a successful business, to get that job you desire, to save enough money to take your parents on that foreign holiday they never had, to set up a community home for the homeless in your town, or whatever; something more is usually required.

What are examples of this ‘something more‘?

When you feel like giving up, something more is keeping going despite the thoughts inside of ‘why am I bothering?’

When you are scratching your head for answers, something more is searching for inspiration, asking the Universe for an intuitive thought, that light bulb moment.

Something more can simply be a decision. not just any old decision but the momentous decision that says:

“I’m never going to turn back from this course of action, I will do this!”

To reach a destination you have to put one foot in front of the other. To walk 1,000 miles, you have to do something more than walk 999 miles.

If you are an ambitious* person, the Universe demands exceptional things (something more) from you.

But, it doesn’t demand things from you that you cannot do (or imagine).

It is only our minds that place limitations on what we are capable of. Even if you know that you are being tricked by your mind into thinking you cannot do something, you still struggle to ignore the trickery!

Sometimes we just need to have faith that our minds and bodies can achieve what we want to achieve.  There are things we can do to make these things happen of course but that’s not what this post is about. You could do worse than reading the book “Think & Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill for answers.

So something more could be:

  1. Go that extra mile
  2. Think bigger
  3. Keep on keeping on
  4. Don’t give up on your dream
  5. Seek inspiration
  6. Let your mind (train your mind to)  be creative
  7. Trust your mind and the Universe to present solutions


* By successful or ambitious, I do not mean in a competitive money grabbing way. I mean it in a human creative way.  See the post on Creative Capitalism for more information



The Clarkson debacle

Yes, it is just that.

As a precursor to what I’m about to write, I should point out that I am not condoning hitting someone or using racist language etc.

I do think however, judgement should be withheld until the evidence is known to us. After all, since when do we punish someone without proven evidence?

Also, on this day a Police Boss (David Duckenfield) admits gate lie

One guy punches another (allegedly) and another guy admits to lying about the gates opening at HIllsborough. Many people died that day but no, all we can go on about is “Clarkson should be sacked”, “he’s gone to far” etc

Every week a footballer or rugby player will hit or throw a punch or a nasty kick at another player yet the most that occurs is a red or yellow card. Maybe a ban from playing for a few weeks. But he keeps his ‘job’ of playing football!

Let’s get this in perspective please!

The racist ‘n’ word

I know this is going back a bit  now but it deserves mentioning because people are citing that incident now as a reason for Clarkson’s dismissal. Final chances and all that!

Well, for one, the video showing Clarkson ‘saying out loud’ the ‘n’ word was a very faint whisper. Yes I know he didn’t hide it well but honestly I’m sure many of us of an er older generation have sung that song a few times and didn’t think anything of it.

Also, the video was never supposed to be aired! Mr Clarkson asked the producers not to use that particular cut because if you listened carefully you could just about hear what was said. Perhaps you even needed to listen a few times, pause, rewind etc?

In my opinion, this was a mistake and should never have got the attention it did.

Taking an alleged swipe at someone this week

At the time of writing it is an alleged punch thrown. Who knows what led to that incident?

Maybe the producer failed in his job to set up catering for the crew after a long hard day filming?

Maybe tempers then flared on both sides?

Then maybe Mr C flipped a little and swung at the guy?

If that’s the case, he shouldn’t have took a swing at him, of course not! But where is the jury on this one right now?

BBC overreaction

Unless they know something more that they are telling us, then the BBC have overreacted yet again!

I have to admit

That I get annoyed with Mr Clarkson but only because he says ‘umm’ a lot! Yes I know I’m weird and a little conservative in what I think is good broadcasting.

I just think that professional broadcasters should be able to complete a sentence without saying ‘uh’ or ‘umm’ too often.

But that’s it. Like many others I love Top Gear in it’s present format. Many millions around the world do to including my little cousin who lives in Colorado!

Bigger than the Top Gear/BBC?

Nope. Top Gear could survive without Clarkson but it might take a while to get back to the level of entertainment we enjoy.

I have no idea who might replace him and maybe it is for the best. Maybe he should go off and do other things?

The point I’m making is, let’s not get dragged down in anti Clarkson propaganda. What he’s allegedly done is nothing more than a minor bust up.

There are far more important, horrifying, sad, happy, amazing things happening out there every day.

So come on

All those against Clarkson because he’s just the other side of “what’s acceptable”. Maybe we need more of that in this world of boring, political correctness?

Seriously, can’t you see where you are all going?

“Let him who is without sin cast the first stone”.


The Three D’s

This is going to be a quick one so you can read slowly!

Get what you want using the Three D’s

The first ‘D’ – DESIRE

If you don’t desire to have something specific, then there’s no point reading on. You must desire something deep down in your bones. Already have that desire? You are 33% there!

The second ‘D’ – DECISION

You must make a decision to make it happen come what may, burn your bridges and tell the universe that you will do whatever it takes to get your Desire (see the first ‘D’!). Decide. Done that? Then you are 66% there! Well done!

The third ‘D’ – DEDICATION

The universe does not reward people who simply want things a lot. It rewards people who have a definite (another D) Desire, make the Decision to go get it and have the Dedication to keep working to get that Desire come what may and however hard it is to get it.

Done that? You are 100% there! Yes!

Desire, Decision & Dedication

Whittling down success to three words.


Desire is your reason to make a decision to do something. It is also the fire in the belly that keeps you dedicated even when times are tough.

Desire is given life by imagination.

Let’s not go too much into a proper description of how thoughts are given life or how these thoughts literally do create your desire.  but please believe me, it is true. More on this another time.


Decision is that moment in your life when you say to yourself:

"I'm going to do this, whatever it takes and whatever the outcome."

A decision is made once your desire is strong enough and real enough in your imagination. Successful people remember their decision every day and especially when dedication to the desire becomes necessary (which it will).

Sometimes these special types of decisions are made when you get fed up with your current circumstances. You then decide to do something to get yourself into a better place. Other times these decisions are made based on a burning need to be better, to do better or to serve better.


Desire and decision are nothing without the dedication to keep going, to constantly have your goals in mind and the will power to believe that what you are aiming for is possible.  Remember, anything is possible that can be believed but you must be dedicated to the desire to make it happen.

Without dedication, your dreams and desires will be placed like seeds in the universe but will soon get blown away and spread out into little pieces and finally to disappear altogether.  Your dedication and belief will allow the seeds of your desire to grow.

Note: If at times you struggle with this part, segment your goals into little pieces. Some of them will be big and hard, but make sure some of them are easy and small.  When you find the going tough, get going by doing some smaller easier tasks.


So, desire and the imaginative thought placed into the universe can place the seed that can grown into your desire becoming real, to bear fruit.

Your desire cannot be seeded though without the decision to ‘do it’. This decision ensures the thought seed is encouraged to start growing.

Dedication is what makes the thing grow into reality. Dedication needs to be backed up by desire and your continuing decision to make it happen.

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Erik Stensland recommendation of Jonathan Burrows (on LinkedIn)

I was very pleased to receive the following recommendation on LinkedIn by Erik Stensland. In fact, at first, I didn’t think it was me that Erik was writing about!

“I’ve known Jonathan for over 20 years and he continues to amaze me with his ability to link disparate ideas to find creative solutions. He’s someone who seems to thrive on solving puzzles. I’ve had him help me with several web related problems and he always comes up with terrific solutions. The range of his technical skills is really impressive. Most of the folks I’ve worked with in the software industry are specialists in just one area while Jonathan seems to cover an incredibly wide range of technical fields. I’m fairly competent having established numerous networks and projects, but when I’m in a bind, he’s the guy I call. Extremely competent and creative. I don’t think I know anyone else who even comes close to his amazing set of computer skills” – Erik Stensland, Owner of Morning Light Photography


An introduction to this site

No apologies!

I make no apologies for the diversity of the content on this site (and no apologies for the shocking picture here either!). It’s what makes me me. In fact, I wouldn’t mind betting that you are just the same. It’s what makes us human.

I need to update the About Jonathan Burrows page, but here is a very brief summary of what you will find on this site.

Future Thinking

Most of my blogging is to do with something I call ‘Future Thinking‘. Read some of the posts in the Future Thinking category to find out more. Future Thinking is about having the right attitude to life’s journey. It’s not ‘positive thinking’ in the strictest sense of the word, but something more.

IT & Web

I’ve been involved in IT and Web stuff for a number of years and I build websites and do search engine optimisation for small businesses around the world.

Property Management

Yes, I know it’s different to the other stuff I do! It’s called diversification! I manage student rooms in Plymouth either jointly with landlords (such as Bryce Properties) or on my own as a full management package.  It keeps me busy so you will see some posts on this site about that.

That’s it. Feel free to contact me about anything. Almost!