Search Engine Optimisation

Getting your site or page high in the search engine results is of course very important. However, there is a balance to be had when creating pages and writing content. I’m pretty sure you have seen some websites that seem to be written for the search engine in mind. Google (other search engines are available!) suggests that you write your pages for the consumer (the website visitor) and this is generally how I make my websites and my customers’ websites too.

So, this category is all about posts I’ve made that hopefully provide some information about the topic (such as images of Rocky Mountain National Park or student accommodation in Plymouth) but also about enabling better search engine results positioning.

Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado. USA

An introduction to Erik Stensland’s Images of Rocky Mountain National Park

Erik Stensland is my brother in law and he’s a renowned photographer in Colorado who takes pictures of nature in the Rocky Mountain National Park (RMNP for short).  Take a look at his website and I’m sure you’ll agree that his photos are way above the average in terms of quality and composition. He also sells framed images of RMNP through his website and the gallery based in Estes Park.

Drama at Bear Lake, Rocky Mountain National Park (RMNP)

Google Images is a great way to look at a sites’ images if you know how. Click on this Images of Rocky Mountain National Park Google Images link and you’ll see that the search term is:

This enables me to show all photos that the Google has listed for the site

So, moving on! I’ll be periodically picking out some of my favourites and posting them here in this category so feel free to pop back and take a look.

Thanks, Jonathan.