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Getting your site or page high in the search engine results is of course very important. However, there is a balance to be had when creating pages and writing content. I’m pretty sure you have seen some websites that seem to be written for the search engine in mind. Google (other search engines are available!) suggests that you write your pages for the consumer (the website visitor) and this is generally how I make my websites and my customers’ websites too.

So, this category is all about posts I’ve made that hopefully provide some information about the topic (such as images of Rocky Mountain National Park or student accommodation in Plymouth) but also about enabling better search engine results positioning.

Appleby Westward (SPAR) Group Limited – New Website 2011

South West UK Retail Distribution Centre for SPAR UK

About the project

My latest project just finished is the Appleby Westward Group’s website.  My role within the company is I.T. Systems Analyst/Web Design Analyst and as such it was my responsibility to redesign the company website.

  • The site concept designs were created using Adobe Fireworks CS5.
  • The pages are coded in PHP with a MySQL database back end.
  • The design was implemented using CSS (Cascading Style Sheets).
  • There is a members area only accessible to SPAR retailers and Appleby Westward staff
  • The site is designed to work in Internet Explorer 7 and above; Firefox 1.5 and above; Opera, Safari and of course my preferred browser right now: Google Chrome
  • Hand coded for speed using Notepad++.  I didn’t use programs like Dreamweaver as these sorts of programs often bloat the code unnecessarily.

Many thanks goes to Kris Riggs for her input.  Kris’ design skills and thoughts were very much appreciated!

About Appleby Westward Group Limited

Appleby Westward are the SPAR Retail Distribution Centre for SPAR UK.

“We have a long-established local distribution service currently meeting the needs of a large number of great stores from Chichester in the East, Land’s End in the West and Salisbury in the North. We have a strong service culture with strict 24 hour order lead times.”


Hope you like the site :-)