Creative Capitalism?

I don’t even know if Creative Capitalism is an already known phrase but here is my idea of how business people and entrepreneurs everywhere can grow their business – harmoniously.


Wouldn’t it be fantastic if we could grow our personal wealth and business without taking business from another? “Uh, yes Jonathan, but that’s a dream world” I hear you say.  Perhaps not, let me go on.

If Creative Capitalism is a harmonious one then typical Capitalism is a non harmonious one. Why? because it is based on competition.

Competitive Capitalism

Therefore, classic capitalism could be phrased as Competitive Capitalism.  This suggests that there is a limit to how much wealth can be gained for you or for your business.  I must admit that it would be hard to get away from this description of  ‘how things are’, because that’s how things …er well ‘are’.

But does it have to be? Competitive Capitalism means that you and your business are fighting over limited resources of wealth (business, customers and so on).  Competitive Capitalism means that businesses tender quotes for work required by other businesses (B2B) or businesses such as shops are selling and marketing their wares on the high street in competition with other businesses on the high street (B2C).

Once again, Competitive Capitalism suggests that there is a limit to how much business is out there.

An alternative option

Now, I’m not saying that we can do without Competitive Capitalism. Obviously, we need shops and online stores to buy the things we want and need and professionals to provide services. Therefore Competitive Capitalism will continue to exist for quite some time I think!

However, what if there is an alternative? One that does not conflict with others and other businesses? I think there is an alternative.  I call it Creative Capitalism.

Creative Capitalism

Creative Capitalism suggests that you can create your own new business from places that you thought none existed.  Creative Capitalism also suggests that this vein of new business is limitless. Limitless? “Don’t be daft!”, you cry. Perhaps, perhaps not.

Creative Capitalism demands that you be, well ‘creative’. Rather than trying to take business from your next door neighbour, Creative Capitalism demands that you seek new areas to do business, new ideas for products that people might buy, new services that people hitherto had thought they didn’t need or want.

If you can think creatively about how you can use your skills, your knowledge and your experience in new ways, you might be surprised what new business can be created.

A couple of examples

One of the things I do is to design and program websites.  As you probably know, this is a very competitive area to do business in. The way Competitive Capitalism would work might be something like this:

The Competitive Capitalism way

I’m a web designer and need to find some business so I sell myself and my skills to other businesses. I might do this by contacting businesses in the area and asking them if they need a website or whether they need their current one updated.

I may already be in competition with that businesses existing web site designer and so Competitive Capitalism is already under way.  I may or may not gain some business which would be based on several things:

The Creative Capitalism way

The Creative Capitalism way seeks to invent or create business apparently from nowhere! For instance, you might initially think that every business has a website and that there would be no way of creating new business in this way.

However, there are many businesses and professionals who do not yet have a web site or indeed any form of Internet use (email and so on) at all!

You might say, “Well perhaps they don’t want a web site and therefore your supply of business Jonathan has run out before you start!”

However, I have not yet mentioned the nub of the matter. I mentioned the word ‘harmoniously’ earlier. By that I mean that if you can offer service or products where the buyer receives ‘worth’ higher than what he deems to pay for and to do this acting harmoniously with the those you do business with, then you are acting harmoniously.

Creative Capitalism requires that you believe that there is a limitless amount of business and wealth to be had out there but that you need to do the following:


Examples from real life

Richard Branson is a Creative Capitalist if you think about it. One of his current projects is Virgin Galactic where he hopes to sell flights into space! If he were to think competitively all the time, he would be focussing on the battle for commercial flights around the world. as you can imagine, while this may well be a growing industry, I doubt it is growing fast enough to accommodate the dreams of businessmen like Richard Branson.

I’m sure you can think of other examples? A past example might be the advent of TV programs like X Factor or Big Brother. A decade or so ago, these types of TV shows would have been unheard of, yet someone had an idea, they thought creatively and a new business market (and therefore new wealth, new business) was born.


Creative Capitalism is invigorating, it can instil previously non existent enthusiasm in your business. Of course, there no doubt will still be hard work ahead of you but why not try it yourself? I am.

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