Free Anti-virus and Anti-malware programs and other stuff

Free Anti-virus and Anti-malware programs and other stuff

Just thought I’d post up here two or three links to some useful programs that will help keep your PC clear of virus related issues.

1. Make sure that your Windows firewall is active (I’m presuming you are using Windows here, apologies if you are not)

2. Make sure your router is properly password protected (see your manufacturers manual for details). The main thing here is to ensure that your routers’ wireless security is on and that the admin password is changed from the default.


There are a few but here are probably the most popular (my current favourite is Avast)

4. Avast Free Anti-virus is not too memory hungry or indeed processor hungry.  In other words it won’t slow your computer down too much!  You can get it here: Avast Free.

5. AVG Free Edition is an old favourite with a lot of people. My personal opinion is that while it still does the job it can be a bit ‘heavier’ (slows the computer down) than other programs such as Avast.  You can get AVG Free here.

It is my opinion that the paid for versions do not find more viruses than the free version.  Both will detect known viruses and deal with them.  The paid for version might however include an enhanced firewall to replace Windows firewall.


Many anti-virus programs don’t go quite far enough.  There are programs out there (called malware) which often aren’t seen as viruses.  So you need a program that can scout these out too.  Malwarebytes is one such program and it has got me and friends out of trouble quite a few times!  Download Malwarebytes here.

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