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Who I am not

So, you know my name is Jonathan Burrows right? However, I’d like to point out that I am not the Choreographer Jonathan Burrows. While I think he has an excellent name of course, we do different things and therefore different people!

Now that that’s cleared up, who am I? What do I do?

I live and work in Plymouth, UK

I have lived in Plymouth for what must be over 20 years now. I used to say “I’ve only just moved down here” or “I haven’t lived here long”, but I don’t think I can say that any more!

For those of you unfamiliar with Plymouth, it’s in the south west of England and is famous for the pilgrims setting sail for America on the Mayflower. Nowadays, it’s a city of approximately 250,000 people. Many of which are students, reportedly between 30,000 and 40,000 depending on who you ask!

Student property management in Plymouth

I mention students for a reason because I’m a property manager who manages (jointly or solely) around 200 student rooms in Plymouth. I also manage or help the landlord manage some residential properties too.

IT & Web

I actually come from a strong IT and Web background. I’ve been involved in various IT jobs and work since the early 90’s and most recently was a systems and web analyst at Appleby Westward. Sadly, they had to make cut backs and I was one of about a dozen made redundant.

This was a good thing! I found myself working with landlords both from an IT side of things and property management.

An odd combination

I don’t suppose there are many people out there who have this combination of property management and IT/Web. But it is just this combination of skills that has enabled me to be building a business and helping others build theirs. And with some success too!

Future Thinking

You may have noticed already links on here for something I call Future Thinking. I’ve been thinking about and writing some blog articles about this topic and my aim is to continue with this and maybe turn it into a book!  Why not read some and let me know your thoughts?


This should probably be at the top because my children mean the world to me. I would rather enjoy spending time with my children than be successful. I would not swap them for the world!

I hope they know though that what I do, the hard work and things I’m putting in place are in the hope that they will have a better life.

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