Why do good things keep happening to me!!!!

Why do good things keep happening to me?

Not a question people usually submit to their friends down the pub or over lunch with work mates is it? No, more likely we hear statements like “Why does all this bad stuff happen to me?!!”. This often follows a diatribe of troubles and things ‘happening to’ the person.

I got to thinking (actually for a while now) that what if what we say affects what happens to us in a negative (or positive) way more than we might think? At the very least I’m sure our friends eventually get a little bored with our constant bitter whining about how our life is bad and that all bad things seems to be happening to us.

So for that reason alone (having happy friend relationships) it is probably a good thing to change what we say. Maybe you do have more than your fair share of ‘bad luck’ but if we could possibly contain ourselves from telling everyone for just a moment, perhaps our lives would actually be better than they seem?

There is a thought that what we say also affects our lives in more profound ways as well. I asked myself:

“What if I started talking to myself and others about the good things that are happening, the good things that I have, rather than the bad things? Would that actually have a positive influence on the outcome of my life?”

There is a school of thought that suggests that the way we think and talk definitely affects our lives whether that be success in business, work, home life and so on. Part of this thinking says that if we were to go about our lives with a sense of gratitude for what we have and for what we are going to have, then this brings towards us those good things we want! This is Future Thinking at work!

Adversely, if we continue to bemoan our losses then this brings towards us more of the same!

At the very least, having a future thinking approach can help us not to see the bad stuff so much.  To often we make ‘mountains out of molehills’ of the negative occurrences we have.  Why not try and ignore them a little and say to yourself:

“Why do good things keep happening to me!!!”

Done in a humourous  way, this can put a smile on your face and really annoy the people that annoy you! (I didn’t mean that – honest!)


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