The Clarkson debacle

Yes, it is just that.

As a precursor to what I’m about to write, I should point out that I am not condoning hitting someone or using racist language etc.

I do think however, judgement should be withheld until the evidence is known to us. After all, since when do we punish someone without proven evidence?

Also, on this day a Police Boss (David Duckenfield) admits gate lie

One guy punches another (allegedly) and another guy admits to lying about the gates opening at HIllsborough. Many people died that day but no, all we can go on about is “Clarkson should be sacked”, “he’s gone to far” etc

Every week a footballer or rugby player will hit or throw a punch or a nasty kick at another player yet the most that occurs is a red or yellow card. Maybe a ban from playing for a few weeks. But he keeps his ‘job’ of playing football!

Let’s get this in perspective please!

The racist ‘n’ word

I know this is going back a bit  now but it deserves mentioning because people are citing that incident now as a reason for Clarkson’s dismissal. Final chances and all that!

Well, for one, the video showing Clarkson ‘saying out loud’ the ‘n’ word was a very faint whisper. Yes I know he didn’t hide it well but honestly I’m sure many of us of an er older generation have sung that song a few times and didn’t think anything of it.

Also, the video was never supposed to be aired! Mr Clarkson asked the producers not to use that particular cut because if you listened carefully you could just about hear what was said. Perhaps you even needed to listen a few times, pause, rewind etc?

In my opinion, this was a mistake and should never have got the attention it did.

Taking an alleged swipe at someone this week

At the time of writing it is an alleged punch thrown. Who knows what led to that incident?

Maybe the producer failed in his job to set up catering for the crew after a long hard day filming?

Maybe tempers then flared on both sides?

Then maybe Mr C flipped a little and swung at the guy?

If that’s the case, he shouldn’t have took a swing at him, of course not! But where is the jury on this one right now?

BBC overreaction

Unless they know something more that they are telling us, then the BBC have overreacted yet again!

I have to admit

That I get annoyed with Mr Clarkson but only because he says ‘umm’ a lot! Yes I know I’m weird and a little conservative in what I think is good broadcasting.

I just think that professional broadcasters should be able to complete a sentence without saying ‘uh’ or ‘umm’ too often.

But that’s it. Like many others I love Top Gear in it’s present format. Many millions around the world do to including my little cousin who lives in Colorado!

Bigger than the Top Gear/BBC?

Nope. Top Gear could survive without Clarkson but it might take a while to get back to the level of entertainment we enjoy.

I have no idea who might replace him and maybe it is for the best. Maybe he should go off and do other things?

The point I’m making is, let’s not get dragged down in anti Clarkson propaganda. What he’s allegedly done is nothing more than a minor bust up.

There are far more important, horrifying, sad, happy, amazing things happening out there every day.

So come on

All those against Clarkson because he’s just the other side of “what’s acceptable”. Maybe we need more of that in this world of boring, political correctness?

Seriously, can’t you see where you are all going?

“Let him who is without sin cast the first stone”.


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