The 8 D’s of Self Help

I’m writing a book. It’s a self-help book, of sorts. It will be a book about normal everyday people and the obstacles they face, and overcome. The working title is:

Keep On Keeping On

Subtitle: How the 8 D’s can help normal people achieve growth and encouragement in this modern world.

The Project

This project is something I’ve been ruminating on for years and years. One thing that stopped me progressing it was that I did not feel worthy enough to be someone who wrote a book about self-help, achievement and success. That inner voice inside me said “You are not worthy. You are not in a position to tell others stuff like that because you haven’t achieved yourself!

Recently, I joined a Facebook Group called “Couch to 5K UK“. I had decided back in November 2020 to start running to become fitter, healthier and lose weight. During the 9 weeks, well, 11 for me, I had some inspiring thoughts about writing to help others and the need to write this book became stronger and stronger.

I finally realised that you don’t have to be successful to write a book like this. In fact, I was getting fed up of reading (and listening to) books about self-help and success where the person writing was evidently successful and had ‘made-it’, in a good place mentally and appeared to be fit and healthy.

This is not meant as a disparaging remark because I’m sure these people have been through much to get where they are. But my thinking was what if I could write a book from a position of someone who was still on the journey. Perhaps a journey that would never end? I felt that this would make my words and stories more emotive and relatable, that the book would reach deeper into the readers’ heart and mind. Therefore, making a greater impact on that persons life. For the better.

So, this is where I am. I’m not mega successful. I’m certainly not fit and healthy, as you will find out the more you read.

Request for help.

Request for help? Yes! I’m looking for real life stories, from real people. I’m not necessarily looking for success stories, although those will be most welcome.

What I’m looking for is your personal journey. Your thoughts about how you have overcome, or indeed, overcoming obstacles in your life.

After all, the base human drive is to survive. This above all else is a driving force. Sometimes this is a subconscious drive, but sometimes this is a conscious decision to keep on keeping on.

Granted, in this modern world, we are afflicted by mental health difficulties which sadly in some cases lead those in pain to give up, to not care anymore, in too many cases these leads people to take their own lives.

Mental health is such an overwhelming problem for some that getting through, over, under, or around it seems insurmountable. However, I do know that we can overcome these sorts of problems. I’m hoping that some aspects of the book of 8 D’s will help those suffering to deal with and start to achieve some personal goals.

As I said, this book is not about becoming rich or a super-human. It’s about finding pleasure in achieving small goals that are relevant to you, and you only.

Take what you can from the book and I trust and hope that you can find your way through this maze of life, start to enjoy it, to love and live.

So what do I need help with? (Sorry, it’s taken so long to reach this point!)

I would love for you to email me your journey, your obstacles, whether you have overcome them or not. Please let me know about you and how your story fits into the 8 D’s. Email address at the bottom of this page.

What are the 8 D’s?

  3. DRIVE
  6. DREAM

Click on the links above for a short synopsis of what I mean by each. If you feel your story fits in with one of the above, please write to me at the address below.

Please know that your story will be kept in the strictest confidence and I will reply to you with how I might like to use your story. Even after sending me your story, you do not have to agree at that stage for me to publish your story. You could, for instance, agree to me publishing your story in the book with a name change, location name change and so on. You could if you wanted to have your first initial and surname published.

It is entirely up to you how or even if, your story is published at all!

Ultimately, if you decide your story can be published, then I will send an agreement to you which we will both sign.

Formats the book might take

Initially, the book will likely be in e-reader format such as that used on a Kindle. Potentially, the book could be printed in a ‘proper’ paperback book format, though I have not decided or even approached publishers yet.

That’s it for now. Feel free to email me now your story. Long or short it really does not matter!

All the best and take care.


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